Kristi S

Stacey is an amazing support to have during childbirth. She recommended different positions to labor in, one of which really helped relieve so much pain for me. She is very knowledgeable in what she does and has lots of different ideas to help you through labor. She was fully supportive in the decisions I made about my child’s birth and was very patient during my long labor. She was great at reminding me to relax and breath and was able to distract me a little bit from my pain. Although my husband and I took childbirth classes, we forgot a lot of things when the action started, and Stacey was able to remind us of the things we learned. Overall, she is a great person to have around during childbirth and I am so pleased with my decision to have her there.

St. Marks DoulaMegan M

I recently had a baby using the services of Stacey. This was my first child and I knew my husband and I would need some coaching through the birthing process, especially since I wanted to do it naturally. Stacey was great and
helped through the hard contractions using different techniques. I would highly recommend Stacey to be your Doula! Whether you are wanting to do a natural birth or not, Stacey is great to be there as your personal coach!

Bethany B

IMG_2286We had our sweet baby boy last week and called on Stacey to help us through. Our last birth was a bit traumatic and over run by a Dr and we knew if we had hired a Doula it would have been better. We were right, she made it more comfortable and listened to concerns and put the decisions in our court. Baby came a month early just as we were about to meet up and go through a plan, so we didn’t have that chance, but when we called at 2:00am that my water had broken she was on the ball and ready to go, met us at the hospital and then the contractions that had started strong completely stopped and we were left waiting, she walked the halls with me, suggested things to try to get it going that did but never fully, and eventually I decided to try the Pit. That worked and she was there to help with pain and pressure points and calmly talk us through. When it was time to have the baby I remember saying I was incredibly Hot, Stacey whipped out a personal fan from her bag of tricks and it was amazing how good that little fan felt! After everything my husband asked me if I thought it was worth it, I let him know of course it was, he then remarked “I had no clue how to do any of that” he is a believer now too! Having that extra person on your side who has been there before is a huge help and Stacey does her work amazingly and like the best friend you need at that time!