My First Baby- Why I Became a Doula

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My First Baby- Why I Became a Doula

In nearly every client interview I get asked why I became a doula and my answer is usually that I became a doula to protect other moms from being mistreated the way I was mistreated during my first birth. Since tomorrow is the 6th birthday of my sweet baby girl I thought I would revisit her birth story through my doula lens. I have to add a disclaimer that I’ve seen many lovely hospital births and that in no way am I saying being at a hospital means you won’t be treated well. I was just one of the unlucky and uninformed ones who...

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Welcome Baby, H.J.F.

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It’s such an honor to be a part of such a special day in people’s lives. Such an amazing family! Hope you enjoy this little peek of an amazingly strong mama and her beautifully supportive husband.

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Welcome Baby, Declan!

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Have I ever mentioned how fulfilling I find being a doula? Seriously this was one of those births that I just felt so HAPPY after. Congratulations again to your adorable family!  

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Alignment and Fetal Positioning

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Did you know that the number one reason for a cesarean section is fetal malpresentation? I spend a lot of time at a good percentage of the births I attend trying to get posterior babies to turn around for an easier birth. It is for this reason that I wish I could require all my clients to read this article!  

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Welcome Baby, Rylee!

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Sometimes I attend a birth that just really reminds me how strong a women in labor is. This birth was beautiful and I think my favorite part was watching the beautiful bond she had with her mother. They found the ritual that worked for her together and it was priceless. Mothering the mother is so important in birth! This also happens to be my favorite birth video because she hired a photographer so there were too many amazing pictures to choose from! It was nice to know that the experience would be documented without me taking pictures and I...

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New Mothers are Exhibitionists!

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Maybe it’s because I’m a birth junkie and I love new mommies but I thought this was FUNNY

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Welcome, Twins!

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I had the privilege of being a part of the birth of these adorable twin girls! Their momma made birthing twins look like a walk in the park! Unmedicated and smiling till the end. *In case you’re wondering, it is common in many hospitals to require all twin moms to deliver in the OR as a precaution. This was a vaginal birth.  

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Are You Crunchy?

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I got a kick out of this video…  

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Vaginal Birth of Twins

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Finding out your are pregnant can cause a myriad of emotions but finding out your are pregnant with twins adds a whole new dimension to the experience of being pregnant! I personally have only carried one baby in utero at any given time so I can only imagine what it would be like. Having two babies inside of you does add an element of difficulty to the birthing process but thankfully there are many safe options for delivering twins in this day and age and cesarean is not always the only option! There is a common belief that giving vaginal...

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Welcome Baby, S.K.T.!

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Another beautiful baby brought into the world by two very loving parents! Congratulations!

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