About Me

I believe the key to an amazing birthing experience is an atmosphere in which you feel in control and your desires are respected. I feel confident in my ability to create that atmosphere for each woman regardless of her birth preferences.

Being a doula is a service I feel I have been called to as I know every woman who gives birth is important and should be treated as such.

A little history about me– I am a mother to four children and I love the miracle of new life. I graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelors in Home and Family Living. While at BYU I had two of my children naturally. My first was born in a hospital and my second was born in a birthing center under the care of competent and helpful midwives.

For me, the birthing center was a more positive experience because of the individualized care I received from a devoted staff. Afterwards, I knew I wanted to help others have a similarly wonderful birth experience, especially those birthing in a hospital where the staff doesn’t always have the time to devote such personal attention to every woman. A doula helps to bridge that gap by providing an intimate and dedicated support figure to help guide you and your family through the special experience of birthing your baby.

I would love to provide you with the mental and emotional support you need to have amazing memories of your labor and delivery.

I was fortunate enough to study under Kristi Ridd-Young and Kristy Huber,  two amazing woman who both began their doula careers before the term Doula even meant labor support.12239356_10102275226769289_4195519224053261668_o

When I’m not busy helping other mothers have positive birth experiences, I spend my time taking care of my adorable toe heads. I enjoy singing and even minored in Music (contemporary vocal.) I enjoy dancing but definitely don’t have the amazing abilities of other Hightower name bearing woman!

I am passionate about birthing women and always eager to keep up with the latest information and statistics.